Retinal Tears Detachments

Laser vision correction (LASIK and its modifications) is a minimally invasive method that involves only corneal tissue, which reduces the risk of complications and expands the range of patients who can restore their vision. However, this operation is not suitable for everyone. There is a complex of contraindications to laser vision correction.
Contraindications for general diseases

This group includes severe diseases of a somatic and mental nature, which can affect the quality of the operation and seriously increase the risk of postoperative complications. These include:

decompensated systemic diseases (collagenoses);
severe diabetes mellitus;
multiple sclerosis;
acute infectious diseases, etc.

Among mental illnesses, acute psychotic states and other diseases that are not amenable to medical correction should be noted.
Ophthalmic diseases

This group includes diseases of the cornea, retina, and lens. These include the following states:

degenerative and dystrophic processes of the cornea;
cataract (depending on the stage);
iridocyclitis and other inflammatory processes of the eye;
a history of retinal detachment;
progressive myopia;

Other contraindications for laser correction surgery:

age up to 18 years;
corneal tissue thickness not exceeding 450 microns;
pregnancy and lactation;
a single eye.

Age restrictions are associated with the fact that up to 18 years of age there is a growth of organs and tissues, including the eyeball. At the same time, the size of the eye changes, which means that the refractive abilities of the transparent media of the eye can change. Therefore, LASIK before the age of 18 has unpredictable consequences for vision.
How to contact an ophthalmology clinic

Specialists of the Eye Surgery Center do not recommend self-diagnosis. Contact our clinic to undergo a full examination and get complete information about the indications and contraindications for vision correction using the LASIK method.

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