Maybe it’s time for LASIK

Maybe it’s time for LASIK

What is the essence of the LASIK method

sutlasik1 At all times, people have suffered from losing their sight. Violation of the quality of vision is a problem that accompanies a person since ancient times. But over the years, we have learned to cope with some of them. Glasses came to the man’s aid. Later contact lenses were developed. But science does not stand still. And the study of vision problems and its treatment continues – today Lasik operation is popular.

So in the 30s of the last century, the first method of treatment appeared-radical keratotomy. It was a progressive but extraordinary way of operating. It did not always give the expected result and required a long recovery process. And sometimes it led to complications. Therefore, it was necessary to look for new, more gentle methods of treatment.
History of laser vision correction

In search of the most subtle approach to operations, it was necessary to develop the least painful method that would have a minimally traumatic recovery period, and in 1976, ophthalmologists turned their attention to a new development of IBM Corporation. It was fitting that with the help of the thin laser beam was applied to the engraving on computer microchips.

Studies of the laser beam used have shown that the process of its application is completely controlled. With the highest accuracy, you can adjust the depth and diameter of the zone of its impact and achieve a more effective impact on the problem of eye surgery. Thus, the excimer laser came to the aid of microsurgery.

And with its use, the first operation was performed using the PRK method in 1985 and showed not a bad result. But the healing process after surgery left much to be desired, as the correction was carried out on the outer layer of the cornea. And patients had to take eye drops for a long time and avoid physical exertion.
Therefore, the search continued, and in 1989 a new laser correction appeared. It was called LASIK. And, as the results showed, the search was not in vain. The result of the operation was a rapid and problem-free recovery of high quality vision after the operation. The technique has become unique, high-tech and safe.

What is the essence of the LASIK operation method?

The operation LASIK (laser in-situ Keratomileusis) is the adjustment of the cornea with ultraviolet ray, changing its form and, as a result, an optical effect without affecting the upper layers and keeping the structure of the cornea. With myopia, its shape is convex, with farsightedness-flatter, with astigmatism, its shape is incorrect.

The task of the doctor of the Moscow Eye Clinic is to change the shape of the cornea so that the refractive rays fall exactly on the retina. This operation allows you to perform corneal correction alternately on both eyes for one day. Vision improves immediately after the procedure, rarely within 1-2 days. The recovery period after surgery is 1-2 hours, after which the patient goes home accompanied by relatives or friends.

Over the years, the LASIK method has gained more and more supporters. And now it has become the most common, which is used in many countries of the world. It has proven to be the safest, not requiring the use of anesthesia: during the operation, a local anesthetic in the form of eye drops is used.

It passes painlessly and brings a high-quality and lasting result. The operation takes little time, so it has become considered more of an outpatient procedure. But developments in this area continue, and recently there is a new improved modification of the LASIK method, which is called SUPER LASIK. With a more precise approach and result.

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