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What is Femto Lasik?

Today, eye clinics provide their clients with a variety of services using modern treatment methods. The technology of laser vision correction femto lasik (femto lasik) is gaining more and more popularity in the world. What is it? How does it differ from other methods? What are the advantages? This article is devoted to the answers to all these questions.

Operation Femto Lasik (Femto Lasik)

The prefix “femto” denotes the unit of measurement-femtosecond, which is equal to 10-15 seconds. From this word was born the name of one of the types of laser – “femtosecond”, which is able to generate pulses of ultrashort duration. Hence the term “femto lasik”, denoting the modern method of correction of refractive errors of the optical system of the eye.

This procedure goes through all the same stages as the classic Lasik, but the fundamental difference between femto lasik is that the surgical intervention takes place without the use of mechanical tools (microkeratoma). All manipulations are carried out using two lasers: femtosecond and excimer.

Preoperative preparation for laser vision correction femto lasik is no different from the classic Lasik technique. Before the operation, the ophthalmologist conducts a thorough examination of the patient, the retina is examined with a Goldman lens.
Video of the vision correction process

The procedure of laser vision correction femto lasik can be described as follows:

At the first stage, a femtosecond laser is used to form the so – called “corneal flap” or “flap” – the thinnest section on the surface of the cornea. The refractive surgeon only controls the operation of the equipment. A femtosecond laser generates tens of thousands of pulses at a precisely programmed depth. Under their influence, many micro-bubbles are formed in the corneal stroma, which, expanding, merge and delaminate the tissue. It turns out an ultra-thin flap with a uniform thickness (about one hundred microns) over its entire area. At the same time, the surface of the tissues remains absolutely smooth, without any tears or damage. This ensures that there are no postoperative complications.

Next, the flap is lifted, gaining access to the middle layers of the cornea.

Then, under the action of an excimer laser, the corneal stroma evaporates in precisely defined areas.

At the final stage of the femto lasik laser correction procedure, the surgeon returns the flap to its original place. Suturing is not required due to collagen, which is a structural component of the cornea itself.

The procedure lasts only a few minutes. Laser correction can be performed on both eyes at once.

Within a few hours after the operation, there may be: photophobia, a feeling of dryness, pain or “sand” in the eyes. All these feelings are completely normal, and they should not be afraid. They pass within a couple of hours and do not leave any traces behind.

Femto lasik laser vision correction is fundamentally different from other types of correction: the refusal to use a microkeratome during surgery takes the safety of the procedure to a new level. It becomes possible to predict the course and consequences of correction with a high degree of probability, and the result that the patient receives usually exceeds all his expectations and approaches the maximum achievable result in principle.

It should be noted that the patient must adhere to certain necessary requirements before and after surgery.

Indications for use:

myopia up to -15 D,

astigmatism ±3 D,

Farsightedness +6 D,

combination of nearsightedness/astigmatism and farsightedness/astigmatism.

Preparing for surgery:

Do not use contact lenses 3 days before the procedure. They need to be replaced with glasses.

Avoid physical activity the night before and for 24 hours after surgery.

Arrange transportation or escort in advance. You don’t have to drive yourself home after surgery.

On the day of the operation, bring sunglasses and a change of shoes.

Rules of conduct after surgery

After the operation, the patient should avoid mechanical effects on the eyes for several weeks, and not engage in contact sports.

During the month, access to the bath, sauna and swimming pool is excluded.

It is not recommended to expose yourself to physical, visual and psychological overload.

Compliance with all these simple rules will allow you to restore your vision in the shortest possible time and protect yourself from complications.

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