Kathryn M Fethke

To date, there are a number of ways to restore visual acuity. We are talking about patients suffering from complicated forms of myopia and farsightedness, as well as people with acquired or congenital aberrations, including those of higher orders.*

The “Super Lasik” (Custom Vue) technique is especially relevant for patients whose daily activities require high visual acuity. The goal of laser correction is not only good vision, but also a higher quality of life for the patient. It involves improving the adaptation of twilight vision, including visual acuity in dark conditions, as well as comfortable work at the computer, driving a car in the dark, and much more.

The microsurgical technique of the operation allows you to create an individual correction plan, which takes into account not only the features of the visual analyzer, but also the nuances of visual activity, as well as the wishes of each patient. Unlike other laser techniques, SUPER LASIK implies a mandatory study using the wave front analyzer Wave Scan. This unique device allows you to:

calculate the parameters of laser correction,
take into account all the individual features of the structure of the eye,
create a model of the cornea with refractory properties that will provide optimal compensation for existing distortions.

If the aberrometric analysis performed by a specialist shows that higher-order distortions are not of fundamental importance in image formation, the patient can be corrected using the traditional LASIK method.
Advantages of operation ” Super Lasik “(Custom Vue):

before performing laser correction, distortions of the entire refractive system are investigated;
the length of the laser beam is selected individually for each patient and has a minimum value;
the technique allows you to optimally correct aberrations of lower and higher orders (contrast sensitivity, twilight vision, etc.);
the result of the operation is optimal visual acuity;
It is possible to achieve visual acuity above 1.0 D.

* High – order aberrations or distortions are distortions of the visual system that cannot be detected by conventional diagnostic techniques. The most common symptoms of such distortions are: double vision of surrounding objects, halos around glowing objects, decreased visual acuity in high light conditions.

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