Device for restoring vision in children


Children’s visual system is in the process of formation, as the body grows and with it the organs of vision. Refractive errors in children, as well as spasm of accommodation, are very common pathologies that are easily eliminated by hardware exposure in the early stages of their occurrence. Timely diagnosis and treatment of visual pathologies in children in most cases gives excellent results and allows you to forget about refractive errors in adult life.
Amblyocor is not the latest technique

Amblyocor is a development that provides normalization of the bioelectric activity of the visual cortex, which is responsible for the formation of a three-dimensional image, its shape, size and distance in space.

Most visual acuity disorders are associated with improper operation of the visual analyzer in the brain. Classes on Amblyocore make it possible to correct the neural activity of the brain and overcome the neurogenic mechanisms of the existing visual pathology while watching the cartoon under the control of special software.
Indications for use

The human eye catches rays of light from objects around it. Light is refracted in the cornea and focused on the retina, from which it is transmitted in the form of impulses along the optic nerve to the cerebral cortex to form a three-dimensional image. In fact, a person sees not with his eyes, but with his brain. Therefore, most visual disorders are associated with improper functioning of the visual analyzer in the brain. The complex helps to normalize the neural activity of the brain by forming a conditioned reflex based on the management of a motivational stimulus. Depending on the activity of the brain, the biopotential is activated or extinguished, so that as a result, the brain captured by the plot of the cartoon independently sends additional impulses, forcing itself to read the image.

The complex can be used independently or in combination with other methods for the treatment of various pathologies of the visual system that occur in children:

nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism of any degree;
refractive, divinatory, amblyopia of obscure origin of its other forms;
strabismus, nystagmus and other pathologies of binocular vision;
spasm of accommodation.

The device is effective in all forms of visual acuity disorders, and also helps to cope well with pathologies that arise due to excessive overstrain of the visual organs. This is especially true for schoolchildren who experience excessive stress on the visual system, often read and write in the wrong position, while aggravating the situation. In this case, the best solution is a course of training on the simulator, which allows you to normalize brain activity and correct the existing deviations in visual acuity.

The device is also used for effective therapy of retinopathy of prematurity, which is the cause of various diseases of the visual system of children, including leading to blindness and disability. The complex helps to improve vision in such pathologies as incomplete embryogenesis of the retina, as well as hypoplasia of the optic nerve. It is these two pathologies that can lead to complete loss of vision, so it is important to constantly monitor and take an integrated approach to monitor the state of the child’s visual system and prevent deterioration of visual functions.
Advantages of the device

The device has only advantages, since there are no side effects,intolerance or contraindications. Treatment with such a device turns into a pleasant and exciting activity, which, perhaps, is to the liking of every child without exception. There are no inconveniences, fatigue or pain during training, so the child is given only one pleasure for the most comfortable and effective treatment.

Among the undeniable advantages of the complex, we note the following:

Classes are safe and fun, so at the age of 4 years you can start training to improve your vision. If for medical reasons, an earlier start date is required and the baby has enough perseverance for the entire session, you can start training earlier.
Repeated courses are not addictive, but on the contrary have only an amplifying effect, which allows you to consolidate the achieved result and keep visual acuity at a stable level.
Combined use of the device increases its efficiency by an average of 25%. Complex therapy with hardware techniques gives the maximum effect and allows in most cases to save the child from refractive pathologies that occur in childhood.
The device is the only device with laboratory-proven effectiveness for correcting children’s vision by non-surgical treatment, since the children’s visual system is in the process of formation and is perfectly susceptible to hardware methods.

Daily repetitions, as well as conducting several courses during the period of growing up of the child, give excellent results and allow in most cases to completely relieve the patient in the future from the need to wear glasses or other optical means of vision correction. Such classes are especially useful for schoolchildren, since due to the increased load on the eyes during training, fatigue, headaches and false myopia can be observed, which occurs due to a spasm of accommodation. Amblyocor helps to cope with this pathology and maintain good vision for the child.
Reviews of parents and children

The effectiveness and safety of the device is evidenced by many years of research conducted by scientists from leading ophthalmological research centers around the world, including laboratories in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cambridge and Sydney. In addition, the reviews of the patients themselves play an important role, because it is difficult to attract children with medical procedures. Amblyocor is a unique solution that allows you to perform treatment in an exciting and entertaining form of watching a cartoon.

Children are happy to go to classes, as cartoons easily attract the attention of the child, captivate him and create excellent motivation for passing the entire course of treatment, during which you can watch new cartoons every day, of which there are quite a lot in the Kalinniki video library. Older children can watch a movie instead of a cartoon and the quality of treatment in this case will not deteriorate in any way, since the system works on the basis of unconscious reactions of the brain.

Parents ‘ feedback on the treatment on the device is extremely positive, since the child does not need to be forced to be treated, no extra persuasion and tears are required. During the half-hour of watching the cartoon, the child is passionate about watching, so obediently fulfills the conditions of training, during which you need to look at the screen, where, depending on the activity of the neurons of the brain, the picture is reproduced or disappears.

Children’s reviews are also only positive. Among the comments there is only one when you want to watch a special favorite cartoon, which is not in the collection of the clinic. In this case, you can find a compromise and bring your video material for viewing. Thus, with the help of the complex, you can satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding baby and sit him in front of the screen for eye training.
How is the treatment on the device

The process of treatment on the device is pleasant for the child and exciting, as during the lesson a cartoon is played on the monitor screen. As a rule, these are different cartoons from the clinic’s video library, which are enough to watch during daily classes. Also, if you want, you can bring your favorite cartoon, which is most liked by the child. The effectiveness of the technique has nothing to do with what video material is played on the screen, so for older children or teenagers, you can include an exciting movie.

During the session, the child sits down in front of the Amblyocore monitor and watches the cartoon offered to him. In addition to watching videos, the baby does not need to do anything else during the class, so even the smallest patients can successfully practice on the simulator, improving their vision during a pleasant and exciting lesson.

In the Moscow Eye Clinic, a child can undergo a course of treatment on Amblyocore and improve their vision in a comfortable pastime, as well as get rid of the need to wear glasses. Just 10-30 sessions, lasting 30 minutes, will help the baby to see better, forget about eye fatigue and get rid of other eye diseases associated with the work of the visual analyzer of the brain. Spasm of accommodation, various forms of ametropia, amblyopia and strabismus are perfectly amenable to conservative therapy with the help of the device.

Before starting treatment, a detailed diagnosis of the child’s visual system is carried out in the MGK, so that the ophthalmologist can choose the optimal treatment method based on the data obtained. Depending on the individual characteristics and severity of the disease, a complex treatment can be prescribed, combining several hardware techniques to enhance the effect. As a rule, after the first classes, there are obvious improvements in the work of the visual system, but to achieve a stable effect, a systematic visit to training is required. To consolidate the results obtained, it is recommended to repeat the course 2-4 times during the year.

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