Game preparation on the eve of the reception.

You need to explain to your child that you will soon go to the doctor to check your vision. The main thing here is to convey the idea that the doctor will simply conduct an examination and the child has nothing to fear.

1. We recommend playing the game “pictures”.

You can show pictures that will be used on vision diagnostics. Pictures will help your child to remember them and learn already at the doctor’s appointment. (See pictures below).

If the child still speaks incoherently, but the mother understands his language, then it is necessary to fix the designations of objects so that the doctor correctly interprets them.

2. We recommend playing “doctor”. To do this, imagine yourself in his role and demonstrate what the doctor will do at the examination: ask questions about the eyes, cover the eyes with a flap and ask from the pictures. This format of the game will contribute to the manifestation of confidence in the same questions that the specialist will ask.

Instructions on the day of the doctor’s visit.

In the morning, before going to the doctor, it is necessary to talk to the child that the doctor will check the eyes. Discuss with him how the vision check procedure will take place. It is important to calm the baby and explain that it will not be painful and unpleasant and you are always there.
Children under the age of three are recommended to visit the doctor before lunch. As a rule, at this time the child feels well and can be productively examined, he will not want to sleep.
If the child feels bad: capricious, sick, it is better to schedule a visit later.
It is better for parents to be positive about the visit to the doctor. An anxious mood of mom or dad can negatively affect the mood of the baby during the examination.
Prepare for the reception in advance, if there are previous studies on hand, it is necessary to bring the results so that the doctor determines the dynamics of your child’s eye health.
If an unfavorable diagnosis is detected in a child, please remain calm and carefully listen to the doctor’s recommendations for treatment, the speedy recovery of the baby depends on this.

In order to avoid the consequences, it is important to diagnose children’s vision on time and regularly, which is much easier to treat at an early age.

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