Intermountain Eye Care

Retinal Anatomy

The vitreous cavity is the area behind the crystalline lens and in front of the retina that is filled with a clear, jelly-like substance called the vitreous or vitreous gel. The vitreous gel is attached, most strongly to the front part of the retina, but also in the back part of the eye to the optic nerve, the macula and the large retinal blood vessels.

The retina is a very thin tissue which lines the inside wall of the eye. It is made up of millions of light sensitive visual cells that send images along the optic nerve to the brain.

The peripheral retina, which makes up 95% of the total retina, is responsible for our side (peripheral) vision. The central part of our retina, which gives us detailed vision, is called the macula. We use our macula to read, drive and recognize faces.

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