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Optical Lenses

We are a caring team of eye care professionals dedicated to exceptional service. We have five offices throughout the Treasure Valley staffed with knowledgeable and experienced Opticians. Intermountain Eye Clinic offers the newest lens technology to meet the needs of each of our patients. You will find single vision and progressive lenses that use free-form technology to deliver the clearest vision with the least amount of distortion. Lenses should be made in materials that are light and impact resistant without compromising vision. For lens treatments we use anti-reflective coatings that provide exceptional scratch resistance by utilizing a manufacturing process known as substrate matching.


ID sv is the first single vision aspheric lens design to account for eye movement and incorporate the prescription into both sides of the lens using free-form design technology. It provides, clear, natural vision, allowing each lens design to be perfectly matched to each individual prescription. ID sv is a lens that makes focused vision possible in every direction. It is a perfect choice for higher prescriptions.

progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses are used to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. The lenses allow the patient to see clearly at a distance and gradually increase in power to also allow the wearer clear vision at both intermediate and near zones. Since the power changes gradually, there is no image jump. There are however, areas of aberration in the peripheral portion of the lens caused by the changing power. Progressive lenses require careful placement relative to the wearer’s pupil center. Incorrect positioning or adjustment can result in adaptation problems.

free form progressive design

Free Form Lens design/manufacturing results in a more precise lens. Free form progressives allow for wider intermediate and near zones, ease of adaptation, and elimination of the peripheral swim found in a standard progressive.

At Intermountain Eye Clinic we offer a wide array of advanced progressive lens designs to accommodate all of our patient’s needs. Free form progressives allow for more lens customization – not a “one size fits all” philosophy.

HoyaluxiD uses revolutionary lens design and technology to give you back the comfortable, stable vision you need. The lens is made using the true ‘free-form’ processing. The Balanced View Control principal of HoyaluxiD means that distortions are minimized, vision is stabilized, and your sight feels as natural as it did years ago.

HoyaluxiDLifeStyle is a semi-personalized progressive design, with the progressive partially shaped on the front and fully customized on the back to provide clearer vision.

Summit ECP/Summit CDare progressive lenses that were available prior to free-form technology. The lenses can be used in frames of all sizes and are available in many materials.


Anti-reflective coatings improve both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your glasses. An AR coating will eliminate reflections on the lenses causing the lenses to look thinner or non-existent which gives you better eye contact with people. An AR coating can benefit virtually everyone. It improves night vision and decreases eye fatigue with prolonged computer use. Since high index lenses reflect more light than regular plastic lenses an AR coating will decrease the reflections allowing for better vision. An AR coating will also help to eliminate reflections of sunlight into your eyes from your lenses when applied to the back surface of a sunglass

Super HiVision EX3 – the newest anti-reflective coating produced by HOYA vision. SHV EX3 enables 99.5% of the light to pass through the lens and reach your eyes. HOYA matches the index of the coating with the index of the lens material. The lenses and coatings will expand and contract at the same rate preventing peeling and allowing for extreme scratch resistance. SHV EX3 includes a hydrophobic coating that resists dirt, oil, fingerprints and other distracting smudges.


The staff at Intermountain Eye Clinic will provide you with educated suggestions regarding lens materials and their benefits. Thickness, weight, and impact resistance are important factors to consider because your vision, appearance comfort and safety matter.

Hi-Index lenses are thinner than plastic lenses but have more surface reflections. An anti-reflective coating should be applied to improve both the performance and appearance of the lenses.

Transition VI and Transitions XTRActive Lenses are designed to be worn indoors and darken outdoors. A transition lens helps to regulate the light reaching your eyes, helping you squint less and reducing both fatigue and eye strain. A transition lens will protect eyes by blocking 100% of uv light. An anti-reflective coating can be applied to a transition lens to further enhance the wearer’s experience by improving indoor clarity, reducing distracting glare and enhancing nighttime driving.

The Transition VIlens is available in a wide variety of lens materials and most lens designs in either a gray or brown tint. The Transition VI lens is virtually clear indoors. The Transition VI lens doesn’t darken in the car.

Transition XTRActive lenses activate using both UV and visible light. The lenses have a slight tint indoors and at night. Since the lens activates with visible light it will change slightly behind the windshield of a car. It doesn’t replace sunglasses but it does give another option for someone who wants a darker lens. At this time the lens in only available in gray in some materials.

Computer Lenses

If you work on a computer you need glasses that allow you to easily focus at near and intermediate distances. Many people today suffer fromComputer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS can cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, dry or irritated eyes, and neck pain.

Hoyalux Tact is a lens that is designed for computer users or people who perform near tasks. It helps to relieve symptoms of CVS. The TACT lens gives the wearer an exceptionally wide intermediate and near viewing zones with little peripheral distortion. The TACT lens performance is enhanced when an anti-reflective treatment is applied, eliminating glare from office lights and computer screens.

reading glasses

Intermountain Eye Clinic offers a variety of reading glasses available for purchase in each of the offices. The readers are available in quarter strength increments (1.00, 1.25, 1.50, …) A reader can be used over contacts, following LASIK, at the computer, or for any near task such as sewing, painting, reading, etc. At Intermountain Eye Clinic we make custom readers. Ready made readers can cause eye discomfort due to generic prescription in a lens of poor quality. Custom readers are designed for you – your exact prescription – at the distance you need.

InLine Readers – Available in a range of styles and powers for both men and women.

EyeBobs – Handmade from top grade Italian plastic with spring hinges to keep frames comfortably in place. Optical quality frames that are adjustable and can be made into custom readers.

Anti Reflective Coatings

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